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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

microfinance works, people!

NamasteDirect Benefit | musica/politics | 12/01/06
Dolores Park Cafe, 501 Dolores at 18th

NamasteDirect, an awesome microfinance organization for women in marginalized communities in Latin America, is hosting a benefit concert this Friday, featuring Alexis Harte, The Pam and Jeri Show (of Blame Sally), Kitty Rose, and The Diamond Daggers. The show starts at 7 PM and the suggested donation is $10 or mas! There will also be a raffle and silent auction.
more information on NamasteDirect | map me!

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young, hip and wanting to see cheap quality theater?

BERKELEY REP DISCOUNT TIX | artyarts | ongoing
Hey, so were you born after 1976 too? Cool, because Berkeley Rep (theater) inexplicably thinks that we deserve half price tickets to their shows (aren't you supposed to get discounts as you get *closer* to death?). Never one to argue with cheaper cultural experiences, I say, let's take advantage! Only three more years left to cash in on this discount. Upcoming shows include All Wear Bowlers (11/22 - 12/23), The Pillowman (1/12 - 2/25), and To the Lighthouse (2/23 - 3/25).
Information on discount tickets | Map me! | MUNI me!

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blood-pumpin, sweat-flowin craftin

THE CRAFT GYM | craftycrafts | ongoing
So there's this place, and they call themselves the Craft Gym, and there you can revel in your craftiness, or at least in their crafting tools, or learn new things, or refine old skills. They can help you with things like sewing, knitting, ceramics, wood, paper, metals and textiles. You can go for a day ($18), a month ($54), a private two-hour lesson in whatever ($40 for up to two peeps) or for a workshop (cost varies). If you join monthly, you can make unlimited visits, but open studio is only Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with restrictions on the day by type of crafting (odd, but it's how it works).
More info @ craftgym.com | Map me! | MUNI me!

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bleating never sounded so damn good

THE MOUNTAIN GOATS |musica | 03/07/07 - 03/09/07
March 7 - The Independent
March 8 - The Independent
March 9 - Bottom of the Hill (all ages show + a special guest)

John Darnielle is my hero. If you don't know the music of the Mountain Goats, then you seriously need to find a way to hear it. Going to a show is a good way, but even better is to bone up on one of their myriad albums beforehand and get ready for the hipster singalong that is a MG show. It's an experience not to be missed. Three shows in one week is like Christmas in March for me.
more info @ themountaingoats.net

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leading the country is like riding a bike, right?

Moveon.org Mandate For Change House Party | politics | 12/05/06
So we (moveon.org) called for change, and the nation answered. Now we (Democrats, liberals and the like) need to figure out what the hell we're supposed to do with all this power (make power cupcakes? wallpaper our apartments in power?). Moveon is sponsoring house parties to encourage discussion on the subject, and since a little civic discourse never hurt anyone, check out a house party near you.
more info @ move.org

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