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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

blood-pumpin, sweat-flowin craftin

THE CRAFT GYM | craftycrafts | ongoing
So there's this place, and they call themselves the Craft Gym, and there you can revel in your craftiness, or at least in their crafting tools, or learn new things, or refine old skills. They can help you with things like sewing, knitting, ceramics, wood, paper, metals and textiles. You can go for a day ($18), a month ($54), a private two-hour lesson in whatever ($40 for up to two peeps) or for a workshop (cost varies). If you join monthly, you can make unlimited visits, but open studio is only Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with restrictions on the day by type of crafting (odd, but it's how it works).
More info @ craftgym.com | Map me! | MUNI me!

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