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Friday, March 09, 2007

Guerrilla Fashionista's Green Trunk Show and Benefit | green is the new crack, consumption central, craftycrafts | 03/11/07, 11-4 PM
I always have trouble with anything green that you have to buy, but I'll put aside my doubts and say that this one does look kind of cool. It's listed on a lot of crafting sites, so at least we're supporting the artist-DIY sector. It is undeniably cool that 10% of the sales go to Literacy for Environmental Justice, an awesome enviro education group. So you can buy judiciously, but guilt-free, I suppose. Crafters on display include: Alicat Clothing, ALLMA, Gypsy Baby, Hilside Bags, 19 Moons, Nicacelly, Nous Savons, TINC,Turk and Taylor, The Weekend Store, and many more!
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the ever-normal granary isn't just for the birds

Food Fight: A Teach-In on the 2007 Farm Bill | green is the new crack | 03/21/07, 7 PM
It's Michael Pollan, all live all the time on activitylicious. He seems to be stepping up his public appearances of late, and I'll be there for all the deliciousness. This one is another Michael Pollan tag-team, this time with guests Dan Imhoff, the author of Food Fight: A Citizen's Guide to the Farm Bill; George Naylor, Iowa corn farmer and president of the National Family Farms Coalition; Ann Cooper, Director of Nutrition Services for the Berkeley school system, and other leaders in the effort to reform federal agricultural policies (yeah, i just took that straight from the event's website). I recently saw Dan Imhoff speak, and while he seems a little light on the policy solutions to the farm bill problem, he's a good resource for learning all about the problem (which most people probably didn't even know about). I'm hoping Naylor, Cooper or Pollan might be able to shed some light on what we can actually *do* about the food system in America.
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