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Thursday, January 18, 2007

in whales is the preservation of the world

Gray Whale Viewing | green is the new crack | ongoing, january through march
They are, seriously, one of god's coolest creatures. You know that part on Blue Planet where the sperm whale is eating the sardines? I can't get enough of that. They. Are. So. Big. Undeniably grand creatures. Some people feel inconsequential at the top of mountains. For me, the definition of the sublime is a whale at sea.

Apparently, here in the bay area, from January till March, gray whales are viewable from the Point Reyes' observation deck. You could just be sitting there, eating a sandwich, and bam! a gray whale will spout. I can't wait. There are ranger-led programs, where you will learn so much about gray whales you will find yourself rattling off information to strangers at the bus stop and enraptured six-year olds. You can't miss this.
more info | map me!

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Blogger ps3785863 said...

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10:31 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

ooh, you should totally go see the whales. ive seen them--they're ginormous and there are more than you'd think. just be sure not to watch them from those whale killing whale-watching boats.

2:39 PM


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