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Tuesday, January 02, 2007


Naturalist Lecture Series | green is the new crack | 01/25/07
Ah, nature. But how to enjoy it if you don't have a car? I've a feeling there are a few different ways to do it in the SF Bay Area, but one of the ways is to find some nature right here in SF. Stand on my back porch and most days you'll see the red-tail hawks of Glen Canyon whipping around on the thermals. Go a little north of my house, and you'll find the unblemished hillsides of Twin Peaks. However, possibly more than I like going into nature, I like talking about nature. Or listening to other people talk about it. REI is sponsoring a lecture by Peter Berg, bioregional philosopher extraordinaire, about Twin Peaks and the nature of and in the city. It's at 7PM at the REI store on Brannan.

Bonus activity: Scam a ride to Tennessee Valley, part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area just north of the Golden Gate Bridge, and you might find yourself face-to-face with the fabled north country big cats. This past New Year's Day, my family and I met a wholly unconcerned juvenile bobcat, who was ambling down the path not fifteen feet in front of us. Earlier in the day, we joined gawkers in watching what looks to be a mountain lion on a hillside (pictured). Keep your tiny ones close, people!

more information on the naturalist series @ rei.com | map me!

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