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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

plus, that Clive Owen ain't too hard on the eyes

Children of Men | artyarts | opened in SF 12/25/06
So I didn't think I'd be posting first-run, studio movies on here - heck, they get enough advertising as it is. But I really really really want to see Children of Men, and you should too. I tried to ignore the reviews on it, since I hate having my opinions swayed before I even get in the theater, but I had to pay attention when my beloved slate.com called it the Movie of the Millenium (which they acknowledge as a cheap superlative - ha ha! the millennium's only 6 years old! - but expand on it by saying they suspect it will remain a top movie of the millennium for a while at least since it's actually about our millennium). One line struck me particularly in the review: "It takes place in a grimly familiar location: the hell we are currently making for ourselves." Up till now, we hadn't had quite enough distance from the last four years to really start making feature films about it; perhaps Children of Men is the door opening. I've been suspecting that our world is actually going to sht, so it's nice to know that some fairly smart, creative people agree with me. Though I need to watch it again to confirm this, I thought last year's Inside Man also had moments of post-2000 reality to it (some of the scenes on the streets were discomforting, and the subtle but omnipresent dealings with racial strife), though in the end it did turn out to be just a slick thriller. Clive Owen is the common factor between these two movies, and I hope his accent isn't as bad as it was in the latter film (so, I just figured out that Children takes place in London, so no American accent then, I guess). But I am totally excited to see Children of Men, nonetheless. Oh, you wanted to know something about the actual movie? 2027, no more humans being born, total chaos, chance for redemption. I'm teary-eyed already.

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