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Thursday, November 30, 2006

it's almost like *i'm* famous!

Tings Dey Happen | artyarts | 12/14/07 - 01/13/07
I remember reading this interview with someone annoying, like dave eggers or something, just as he was getting famous and he was like, yeah, these people have started coming up to me on the street and being like, "hey, dave, it's roy from tenth grade. remember how i gave you a piece of gum that one time? can i have $20?" well, i went to high school with dan hoyle, the writer and performer of Tings Dey Happen, (remember how i gave you that newsletter column that one time?) and so it's in my best interest that he get good and famous. so, people, go to his show! actually, he's kind of already getting famous without my help (dammit!), and i'm just jumping on the bandwagon, hoping to cash in on my $20. dan's a genius, or at least he was in tenth grade, or at least he was funny and insightful and generous, and i expect his show will be as well. of course, it's about nigerian oil politics, so it might also be really, really depressing. the show's at the marsh on valencia.

UPDATE: Been there, activitied that. It's freaking great, people. See it, love it, tell other people to see it.

more info @ themarsh.org | map me! | muni me!

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